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The Solar Facility

Introducing the revolutionary Solar Facility Power your operations anytime, anywhere with unparalleled efficiency. Multitrade Building Hire continues to lead the way in its portable building innovation.


In collaboration with Red Earth, a pioneer in solar and battery technology, and supported by The Australian Government's AusIndustry Entrepreneurs Programme and the Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water, we proudly introduce The Solar Facility, your sustainable solution for off-grid, on site operational efficiency. Eco-Friendly | Reliable | Portable 

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Why Choose the Solar Facility?

Functionality You Will Love


Completely Off Grid

With advanced solar technology, operate independently from traditional power sources such as generators and terminated site power.


Reduce Carbon Footprint

A commitment to a greener future, a new working environment that that aligns with the sustainability goals of our industry.


Cost Effective


Turn Key Solution

The Solar Facility reduces outgoings on onsite generator hire, regular fueling, ongoing maintenance costs and initial trade connections.

Immediate site establishment: No down time waiting for external services including electrical and plumbing connections.


Designed for industry

Tailor-made for mining, construction, and remote sites, overcoming power challenges effortlessly.

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Power Versatility

The Solar Facility’s energy solar battery system is integral and designed for superior efficiency and flexibility. This system     includes12 high-performance 390W solar panels, ensuring ample energy capture. At its core are Red Earth's batteries, initially coming with four 4.1kWh units, providing a robust 16.4kWh of storage.


This modular design also allows for easy upgrading to eight batteries, doubling storage capacity to meet higher energy demands. This seamless integration ensures uninterrupted power, with the solar panels efficiently converting sunlight into electricity, stored in the batteries for continuous, reliable supply. The system can also be remotely monitored with both computer and mobile dashboards, with inbuilt weather based forecasting for energy production. The Solar Facility remains at the forefront of sustainable and adaptable off-grid solutions.


Solar Input 12 x panels producing 4.7kW MPPT PV panels Max. 250Vdc PV string voltage



Power Output 10,000VA continuous (@ 25°C) 20,000w peak powerBattery Options Up to 8 x 4.1kWh Australian Made


LFP Troppo batteries Dimensions 920L x 650W x 1680H (mm) Weight 185kg without batteries + 42.5kg per battery


Battery Voltage 48VDC nominal

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Electrical Connection Hard-wired to the local switch board


10A power point on the side of enclosure for AUX loads. Backup generator can be hard-wired directly to the


HoneyBadger Monitoring RedEarth monitoring system included with 4G SIM Customer monitoring on mobile device and PC with PV Forecasting Built in RedEarth remote monitoring service included

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