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Mt Morris Fire Case Study

Mt Morris Fire Case Study

Mt MauriceRural Fire Brigade

Mt Maurice Rural Fire Brigade Case Study – July 2017


The client required a new site facility intend to for training, meetings, lunches and office utilisation.

The project involved extensive excavations, including new plumbing and electrical facilities

The end product supplied provided the Rural Fire brigade with a  custom designed permanent facility 14 x 6.8m, a septic system and potable drinking water tank utilities. 


Considerations were made for: 

  • Site safety and procedures

  • Certifications and local council approval 

  • 1x Disable ramp (alternative option is a chairlift).

  • 1 x Simultaneous Manufacture Delivery 

  • Multitrade engineered concrete footings. 

The client was pleased with the efficency of the work which was completed on time and on budget. 




Mobile Crib Room 

Founded in 1980 Multitrade Building Hire has over 38 years industry experience providing quality portable building solutions for the gas, civil, construction and mining sectors. 

With a focus on comprehensive safety standards and procedures Multitrade is committed to maintaining an industry leading work practices and procedures. Multitrade Building Hire

Multitrade Building Hire proudly delivered a custom engineered Moible Crib Room to our client at BMA’s Black Water Coal Mine. The Crib room was tailored to the clients site specification with the addition of air powered breaks and a water cleaning trough. 

In February 2017 BMA Blackwater Mine (A subsidiary of BHP Billiton) reached out to Multitrade Building Hire requesting the custom design and fabrication of a Mobile Crib Room solution.

The Mobile Crib Room has proven to deliver production efficiencies by reducing the number of daily vehicle movements and increasing site safety with less on site plant/personnel interaction. Mobile Crib Rooms can be towed around the work site and can commence operation with the flick of a switch. Our Client noted a reduction in travel times between site facilities which had a resounding impact on production levels and employee utilization.  

There are three standard designs each varying in size and configuration with our engineering consultancy team we can customise a solution to suit the needs of any site across Australia.

Multitrade Building Hire prides itself on quality engineering and industry specific knowledge with over 30 years suppling buildings and nurturing long term relationships in the gas, oil and mining sectors.

This industry insight is present throughout every element of design with a heavy-duty reinforced base trailer and high clearance for uneven terrain, built to meet and exceed the tough requirements of Australian mining specification.

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