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Custom Design & Engineering

Comfortable, spacious and well designed offices are a must when work needs to get done. Multitrade Building Hire’s modular offices can be assembled according to your requirements with units ranging through small, medium and large.

Multiple modules can be utilised to provide your staff with a larger, functional office space or even space saving multi-storey solutions to suit your site requirements.

All Multitrade Building Hire offices are:

  • Designed and manufactured to meet Australian standards

  • Rated to cyclonic (C2) standards

  • Safe & secure

  • Custom design available

  • Temporary or permanent installations

  • Electrically complete and ready for connection

  • Air- conditioning (reverse cycle) to suit building design

  • Full range of furniture available

Temporary or permanent buildings, our office complexes provide a perfect option for corporate, event or construction industry needs.

Standard Complex Configurations
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