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Top Standard Features
  • Mirror

  • Lifting points

  • Signage placement

  • Stainless steel lifting rods

  • Non-slip self-draining floor

  • Stainless steel toilet paper holders

  • Coat hook

  • Molded vent pipe

  • Large door opening

  • Galvanised steel skid

  • Non-stick coating on toilet bowl flap

  • Foot pumps for flushing and handwashing

Our portable toilets are built from only the highest quality materials to meet or exceed Australian safety and environmental standards. 


The cabinet roof, door, and wall panels are made from 300 virgin high-density polyethylene with UV additive; while the toilet base is made from low-density polyethylene. This ensures that our toilets are impact resistant, impervious to water absorption and can stand up against many hazardous materials while being incredibly lightweight.

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